Our Journey

Waterside Counselling is a local voluntary agency, established in 2015 by Karen Millar.  Karen worked for many years as a respected senior counsellor in private practice, a counselling practice manager and as a volunteer in charities and voluntary agencies in the Renfrewshire area and beyond.

In the current economic climate we recognise that not everyone can afford to access private counselling, which is around £40 per session.  Unfortunately there is usually a very long wait to access counselling through the NHS and it is often limited to a small number of sessions.  Here at Waterside Counselling you will be seen quickly and there is not a limit on the number of sessions provided.

The team of counsellors at Waterside Counselling are committed to offering a high quality, professional counselling service at low cost.

Our Values

We do not receive any funding from central or local government and we rely primarily on our own fundraising efforts, together with donations and contributions from our clients, in order to keep the counselling service open.

Our Plans for the Future

We intend to expand the counselling service, particularly in the areas of youth and relationship counselling.  From 2019, we will also be providing training and continuous professional development (CPD) for our counsellors and the wider counselling community.

We hope to also find ways to engage with the local community in working towards promoting better mental health and wellbeing.